Why I Believe Roland Martin’s Show Was Cancelled (or Being Retooled)

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This is purely my speculatory opinion. I’m happy to be proven wrong…

But my spidey senses tell me that the program was cut because racism has lost some of its value in political capital.

Roland, as do most blacks in media, serve as handmaidens for Marxist and other globalist ideologies that dominate American politics, academia, Hollywood, and online media.

The job of these influential elite blacks in these arenas is to creatively distribute this ideological narrative (i.e., in their own voice, of course, because college taught them this dogma).

Black media elites also serve as attack dogs against any fellow Black person — intellectually honest enough to dare suggest that while many relics of racism STILL EXIST AND OPERATE against Blacks in America, racism in 21st century America has obviously improved.

As there are many examples illustrating this improvement — case in point — is the college educated Roland Martin, himself.

If it’s so racist in America then how did he get so extremely educated in America? How is he, even, a national media personality entrusted to influence people in America?

But, before I get further into my rationale, I want to unpack my thoughts on the motivation behind racism — an issue that has become the “brand” of anyone Black in media, entertainment, academia, and politics.

Have a seat. :)

Racism Is Now An Industry

In my opinion, the elephant in the room is racism is now an industry. It’s always been an industry — when you think of it producing a slave market.

But racism has evolved into a more covert, sophisticated political commodity used by modern political manipulators to mind CONTROL free Black people.

Specifically, in the case of Black Americans — Democrat (DNC) are the political manipulators.

For the reality is it’s Democrat NOT Republican politicians who have the ear and respect to influence most Black Americans.

Few to no Blacks in America entertain, respect, or associate with Republicans — not even Black Republicans.

So, the only political party who can manipulate Blacks is the one they listen to— Democrats.

So, what do I mean by control? I mean socio-psychological manipulation. I mean control as in making sure (through socio-psychological manipulation) we never fully shake the inferiority complex slavery deposited into the psyche of the black community.

A narrative and mindset, with the help of the DNC via their political manipulation apparatus (i.e., the media), have recycled and recycled, and recycled throughout Black households for generations.

The Racism Industrial-Digital Complex

The purity of the civil rights movement has been hijacked and pimped. The close of that era has ushered in what I call The Racism Industrial Complex.

That is the complex whereby black elites in media, academia, entertainment, and Hollywood (i.e., The Talented 10th), get to tell the rest of us what Maa-sah (on this new plantation) has to say about who we are, what’s wrong with us, what we need, and why we MUST have government protect us, feed us (and our kids) and educate us.

All of which has resulted in the opposite effect of W.E.B. Dubuois’ Talented 10th vision, in my opinion.

For all of the above has resulted in a net effect of Blacks rarely owning or producing anything of lasting value in America — outside of entertainment discographies.

For ownership has declined among Blacks post Civil Rights era.

History records, Black wealth and ownership prior to our alliances with paternalistic, well-meaning white liberals who introduced European economic ideas to us (e.g., Marxist-collectivism primarily through universities) was impressive.

The irony is the sell of “collective economics” to Black Americans is an easy one because collective economics is a Black tradition as it is in Africa (and other cultures — Jewish, Asian, Latin, etc.).

The problem is collective economics works best in the micro — among families and small communities — NOT in the macro of mass societies with millions of people.

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But the Dubois approach has resulted in us wasting our political capital on politicians who exploit our history, tragedies, and culture. And, it has resulted in Blacks being the least appreciated and respected in American culture.

Racism Ends When Blacks Decide to Become Formidable Competitors

Consequently, Blacks collectively preoccupied with suspecting racism in every negative encounter with a white person, have failed to become formidable competitors in American society.

Wasting time and energy nostalgically approaching life (in 21st century and latter 20th century America) like we’re still living between the 1700s and 1960s, has made us look and sound ridiculous. We look and sound like weak-minded beggars at worst and intellectually DISHONEST at best.

We have failed to understand the motivating principle behind racial oppression. And, that is to prevent the oppressed from EVER becoming formidable competitors — from EVER waking up from the slavery induced inferiority complex and realizing…

wait a minute.

I’m not inferior. I’m gifted. I’m talented. I’m created by a living God with purpose. I have dreams and I will pursue them. Therefore, I can and will outsmart and outmaneuver racism.

Racists are the ones infected with the inferiority complex. They just projected on to Blacks the insecurity THEY felt.

When Black people get confident with that type of mindset — racial discrimination anywhere on earth is OVER.

Most Asians, Indians, and Africans can go anywhere on the planet and get respect and often amass wealth, quickly, because they are not preoccupied with their minority status. They are busy learning the lay of the land so as to suit up and become competitors.

Everyone likes a good competition — even those competing.

In other words, I bet IF any of those minority groups wanted a seat at some political or corporate table — they could get it because formidable competitors recognize other competitors.

For, it’s no longer about skin color when you PROVE you are a formidable competitor. It’s now about economics.

And the Black community with our allegiance to our black misleadership, never fail to prove ourselves amateurs and wannabes by virtue of what we choose to emphasize.

Lest I digress…

Racism Is An Abstract Morally Bad Idea. Defeat It with Morally Better Ideas.

But there is one problem. Racists got a head start in America — especially through our political structure. Therefore, it is in the interest of covert racist politicians that Black people NEVER come to such a realization.

This is why for the past 60 years or so, you’ve heard racism in America constantly discussed as if we are still living in the period between the 1700s and 1960s.

That is discussed in a way that reinforces the Black community inferiority complex. That is discussed in a way that would ensure an eternal preoccupation with suspecting discrimination in every encounter with a white or non-black person.

We must understand that racism is, first, an abstract morally bad idea birthed from the sinful souls of imperfect people. It is a sinful heart run a muck. It is an idea rooted in fear — primarily fear of losing one’s advantage and comforts.

In contrast, Dr. King came along and presented a morally better idea that greatly prevailed over America’s initial racist agenda. It so prevailed that over half of America elected a colored man for President.

It’s so prevailed, that the majority of Black people, currently, live better than their slave ancestors or parents in America.

But because racist had a head start, political tactics continue to be deployed to prevent a truly even playing field — not only for Blacks but, now, for other minorities and lower class white people in America.

These paternalistic racist politicians, that Black elites often serve unaware, are okay to throw us a bone or two to give the illusion that Blacks are formidable competitors.

For, built into slavery was a diabolical psychological warfare still harassing the Black psyche — enslaving us today.

In other words, today’s new plantation rule says something like,

“Okay. You can advance — just not here and not further than me.”

So, they raise the bar so high we can’t penetrate certain circles of influence and wealth. The technology sector headquartered in Silicon Valley is a current example.

New Generations Bring Hope to Destroy Racism

The hope is we are two generations in whereby the effects of socio-psychological manipulation are losing power because of the day to day experiences of Generation Xers and Millennials.

These generations (and generations to come) can’t relate to all the constant antiquated b*tching about racism Roland Martin and others do on TV.

#1. Most of us ARE NOT watching TV.


#2. Racism, as it was between the 1700s and 1960s, has NOT been our reality no matter how much the nostalgic ole’ G freedom fighters try to impart “the struggle” spirit — i.e., inferiority complex — into us.

Black Elites and Marxist-Socialist Ideologies

In my observation, black elites, like Roland, have been afforded the privilege of influence, high paying jobs, professor tenure at prestigious universities, opportunities to write books, and host shows because they are allies to the DNC and their narrative about Blacks in America.

Relative to Black elites easily adopting the DNC/progressive/Marxist narrative, I say…

It’s all honest. No conspiracy. No coercion or collusion. It’s all their heartfelt worldview — in their own words.

For, they believe what they have learned from their college professors, their lessons on W.E.B. Dubois and other like minded progressive Blacks, CNN, MSNBC, Hollywood film and sitcom makers, and other cultural influencers in this ideological camp.

This is why many college educated Black elites love Dubois. They go to college and aim for such high levels of education so as to gain certain Black privilege in society so as to influence the Black masses — as Dubois suggested.

In other words, they are smoking what they are selling. They see themselves and their elite roles in society as public servants. Which standing alone without the ideological entrenchments, is a good, right, and worthy pursuit.

But the elephant in the room is from Pre-K up through to graduate school most Black Americans born between 1965 to date have been cleverly indoctrinated (via education supplemented by media, arts & entertainment) with the DNC’s progressive globalist agenda for America — and, particularly, for black people in America.

And, that agenda is rooted in varying degrees of Marxist/Socialist political ideology.

And part of that agenda that has infiltrated modern America, in my opinion, is to CONTROL Blacks using patronizing paternalistic policies that stroke our wounded souls and massage deeper into our psyches the inferiority complex of slavery.

Again, the objective would be so that Blacks would NEVER get the big idea we could ever outsmart racism and become formidable competitors.

For, have you noticed that almost all the issues Black people complain about and swear we have in 21st century America — are issues Black elites like Roland Martin, Tavis Smiley, Eric Dyson, Marc Lamont Hill, Soledad O’Brien, and the like (living and dead) TOLD US we have. They echo white elites on college campuses, news media, Hollywood, and elsewhere.

For example, issues like police brutality…

Police Brutality No Longer Leading The News

Have you noticed how police brutality no longer leads the nightly news? 
And as of late when it has, it’s featured a white cop killing unarmed WHITE man (Arizona case this week). Or, a more recent incident, featuring a police officer being being attacked by a black suspect?

Isn’t it funny how the media is, now, ready to broadcast a more balanced range of police force incidents instead of the unbalanced way they covered incidents during the Obama administration — when the victim was Black?

For during 44’s final term, they covered incidents in a way that cast a very negative light on police officers — a light that cost some innocent officers their lives.

They covered incidents in a way that suggested any Black person involved in an incident had absolutely no responsibility in being a police target in the first place.

With the exception of Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Philando Castile, and Jordan Edwards, all other incidents that fueled media coverage and the Black Lives Matter movement were hard to prove as unprovoked force — much less racially motivated.

But now, suddenly, the media are comfortable broadcasting a black suspect attacking two white body-cammed police officers — an incident that resulted in the Black suspect’s death — with the fatal force justified by the body cam footage.

Now, media are ready to report white officers killing an UNARMED white man.

We should wonder why.

Election Cycles | Black Exploitation | Political Power

To understand why, we should look back and notice how all the police brutality cases media used to get blacks outraged/mobilized became HOT, recycled, and daily headline news right before an election cycle.

For example, the Trayvon Martin outrage occurred March 2012. This outrage helped Obama get reelected in 2012. The Brown and Garner cases happened summer 2014 right before the midterm congressional elections.

Although, somewhere mid 2016 news of police brutality incidents went off the headline radar — with the exception of the early 2017 Jordan Edwards case. I suspect because they were so sure Hillary was going to win — they felt they didn’t need to ramp up that narrative. For the new political capital focus became women and the old faithful — immigration.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAGYRzI4bl8

The point is few to NO new incidents of black men being killed or violated by white officers dominate the news as did during the 2nd term of the Obama administration. And, should one appear — it’s not headlining nationally.


Because the DNC had no more use for the issue. It’s becoming unpopular to be a race baiter. It becoming tired and threw. For, the DNC is coming close to overplaying its hand on race relations in America.

Racism Losing Political Value

While still valuable, racism no longer holds the same value in political capital — nationally. We can credit this loss to the “adulting” of the Millennial generation and to hip-hop’s forty plus year influence on culture courtesy of Generation X.

For as someone once said, hip-hop has done more for “applied” or actualized racial reconciliation than the Civil Rights movement.

The tea is racism has been replaced with another of the coveted political identity groups — women.

And right now, in their attempt to oust Trump on the only hard evidence they have on him (i.e., the Access Hollywood sexist comments) women lead all groups in political capital in elections leading up to 2020.

To make analogy to the current cryto-currency craze…

Women are Bitcoin.

Immigrants are Ethereum.

And, Muslims are Litecoin relative to political value in America.

Racism comes in at like a five or six on the desirable coin list — they are alternative coins (alt coins).

Now, Finally On To Why I Believe Roland Martin’s Show Was Cancelled

Since Hillary didn’t win as everyone expected, and since the DNC are desperately trying to rebrand, the progressive political manipulators no longer need certain Black elites anchoring in media like they use to.

The race narratives are no longer yielding the results at the polls — they once did.

Why I’m Happy It’s Gone

This show (like others marketed to a Black only audience) was one that reinforced that inferiority complex mindset I mentioned above.

It was a show that keep us expending our time and energies suspecting discrimination in every unfavorable encounter we face in America.

It was a show that made it socially unacceptable for Black people to take any personal responsibility for any unfavorable outcome in our lives — in America.

It was a show that attacked any Black person (like me) who refused to adopt the going propaganda narrative and dared to be intellectually honest enough to assert the obvious — that racism in America has improved.

It was a show that would not let Blacks, like me, say to other Blacks that we should, now, focus our energies on outsmarting the relics of racism — through education, becoming highly-skilled, and political empowered through our skill-fullness or entrepreneurship — instead of through aspiring to become one of the elite Talented 10th.

In Closing

Many are lamenting the show’s cancellation like it made this huge difference in the black community.

My questions are…

What were the ratings? Were those ratings competitive with other news shows?

For, I suspect that it, likely, lasted as long as it did in the red because political manipulators needed it to. Now, they’ve moved on to exploiting women’s issues.

So there you have it. I know this read was hella long-winded.

But, I had to get it off my chest.

As always, I’m not married to my opinion. I’m not a slave to my ego. I don’t have to be right, here. But, until I’m presented with well-reasoned and compelling evidence to the contrary, I have to hold this line.

My question now is, am I on to something? Or, am I on one?

What say you? :)

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(Update 12.14.17 ): I said racism lost political capital. I stand corrected. I need to rephrase — lost “some” of its political capital.

That is, depending upon the DNC’s strategy to win power— racism still holds value. It still is a trusty card to play — again depending.

For, racial innuendo and trotting out Black elites to campaign on behalf of fledgling Democrat candidates (in districts heavily populated by blacks) proved very effective in Alabama this week.

But here is the gag.

Black people making the difference in Alabama’s senate race, Atlanta’s mayoral race, and Obama’s re-election demonstrates my point of how we, Blacks, prove to be nothing but low-value, tried and true pawns of DNC political manipulators.

While Roy Moore was a poor candidate, Blacks, likely, would NOT have been paying attention to that race or any other “local or state” race if DNC political manipulators didn’t NEED us to.

Count on this. You can know Democrats are desperate for black voters by their campaign rhetoric.

They launch into their tried and true narratives, then media blitz them so as to get our attention and raise our blood pressure.

All Democrats need to say to Blacks to get them out to vote is Republicans will re-enslave you. As if — we are not already enslaved by Democrat political influence over us.

We will respond with outrage and chatter (predictable) and like a charm — we turn out to vote motivated by this false sense of “duty” to our ancestors and posterity that in voting Democrat we are preventing slavery from re-emerging.

In other words, like a lady with low self-esteem being manipulated by a pimp, DNC political manipulators (Black and White) manipulate Black people’s emotions around our history.

For, they know Blacks don’t require any real results — just speak civil rights rhetoric, look the part, and we give up the goods just like that.

Just like the girl with low-self esteem, in high school, longing to be chosen by the popular sports jock.

DNC manipulators know all they need to do is introduce:

  1. antiquated civil rights rhetoric (1700s to 1960s),
  2. bring out our favorite Black elite Talented 10thers or celebrity,
  3. and, boom, we all in — committed to THEIR cause.

Then, in victory, we strut about on social media bragging how “we did that.” Like we didn’t just get politically punked and socio-psychologically manipulated for the one millionth time — only to bring about an outcome for which our community ultimately will NOT benefit.

And, in loss, we mope around and adopt their narrative about the loss like THEIR agenda really included us.

Again, I think Roy Moore was a poor candidate.

And, I hold establishment Republicans responsible for their loss in Alabama for being petty during the Alabama primaries in not backing an obviously better candidate.

But, my point and question is — how long will we continue to be the cheap booty call for DNC political manipulators?

When will the black community pop the hood and kick the tires around the DNC political apparatus and SEE how little we, as a community, are respected — by White and elite Black Democrats?

When will the black community truly become political independents and require something more than just TALK?

I end with my favorite Malcolm X sound bite that says all I’ve attempted to here in about four minutes: