I get that she’s supposed to be “age-defying” by not following any style rules and being “herself.”
SaraLeigh Merrey

It hit me this morning that She of the Ad might be an homage to the doyennes of Advanced Style — and don’t we all want to be like them? Well, yes and no. I don’t necessarily want to copy them, but I do want to let my own particular fashion freak flag fly a lot more freely than it has over the past 20 years or so — which at times has seen me look pretty darned frumpy-to-fit-in. Big mistake. Plus you’re totally right SaraLeigh, that the kids in marketing have zero idea of what we who are not on the pages of Advanced Style actually look like. Sure, some look like they stepped out of a ten year old L.L. Bean catalog (at least they do where I live) but most of us are somewhere between the haute fashionists of Advanced Style and the happy grandmas of the leisurewear set.

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