What if…

While speaking with a colleague the other day at work, he had asked me what superpower he would want if he could choose one. We talked about possibilities, and flying came into the conversation. For some reason, my brain took a leap, and I thought what if you could fly and you did sleepwalk? Would that mean you could sleep-fly too?

Other than the obvious accidental death scenarios, the possibilities of where you would wake up could be endless. Sleeping in the nude would not be advisable. It would have to be onesies, all year round. Do babies sleepwalk before they can walk? I guess not, but if they could fly, that could also have a great potential for danger.

What if you were dreaming that you WERE someone else? Or an animal? Would you be yourself the whole time, or would a transformation happen in the dream to physically turn you into the person or creature you were dreaming about? Would you stay in that form, or change to yourself again when you woke up? Would that change be automatic?

What if you fly to where you are dreaming about? Could you go back in time by sleep-flying? Or wake up on a strange planet? I have had dreams of fire when I am really hot and deeply asleep. I guess that would be one way to wake up pregnant, not knowing who the father is, if you were having a steamy dream.

Welcome to my creative thought process. These are the kinds of ideas that float around in my head. It is safer to not have this turn into a real possibility. But it was fun to think about…


Tish MacWebber

Always thinking…

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