Seven Excellent Content Marketing Tool For Digital Marketing

You cannot ignore the importance of content in the arena of digital marketing. Punchy and high quality content can breath life in ordinary website and make it stand out from the crowd. People often look for SEO tool, web development and design tool, but very few know about content marketing tool. So in this article, we are going to introduce you with some excellent content marketing tool that should use every content writer of web agency.



SEMRush is the all rounder tool, that you can use in every perspective. Whether it is keyword research or content marketing, this tool will never disappoint you. This tool will help you to collect a lot of SEO data for your own web page, as well as for clients. There are many tutorials that will help you learn how to use it.



BuzzSumo is unmatched and unparalleled tool for content marketing. According to quality nothing can better than this. This tool will make your job easier and better than before . Below are the some fantastic feature of this tool:

· This tool will help you track the competitor’s activity in this way you will get an idea what your competitors are doing.

· Very easy to use that improves content campaign. With this tool, you will get an idea what content on your domain has shared most.

· With this tool you will get all the latest updates in content marketing industry.



As the name suggests keyword tracker is the excellent tool that will help you to find out some excellent keyword. Unlike SEMRush, this tool will give you the chance to find a specific keyword that is immensely powerful for your strategy. You just need to put the targeted keyword, and you will be able to start your research.



If you want to bring the content in front of large number of audience, then Buffer is an ideal tool that will help you to share content and schedule your publishing plan. You just need to craft social media post and load them into the buffer queue, choose when you want to send it.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker

RankTracker aims to help you keep ahead of the competition through utilizing the best keywords and giving suggestions on what to use. They are one of the most accurate rank tracking software online, with statistics showing them above leading competitors like Moz or SEScout. You can track your ranks (as the name implies) to see how well certain keywords are helping and to see which aren’t good options. This will be helpful to track your global ranks and local ranks, as well as seeing just how many mobile users you get.



While you want to make sure you are creating content and focusing on organic search results, pay per clicks can still play a role. That’s where Wordstream comes in. When you focus on a combination of PPC and organic search results, you can have a pretty successful website. Using the Wordstream tool helps you to learn about your PPC, how you can improve it, and what aspects aren’t really working for your website. You can also get a free grade on your PPC ads, which will help you see where you are and what you should do in the future. As you look into your PPC campaign, consider adding this tool to help make it effective and impactful.



HubSpot is an amazing resource whether you choose to use the service or just follow their blogs.When you use the HubSpot tool, you are able to work on a highly effective inbound marketing strategy to help improve your content marketing. You can utilize the software to see how powerful your blogging is, take a look at your analytics, and more. They also provide excellent case studies that can help you work to improve your content marketing approach, and show you just what is going on in the content world to help you create a powerful strategy.