Creating a Brand for a New Technology Product Platform

Creating awareness for a new technology platform for an existing technology product raises some questions with regards to branding and what is the right branding approach. Here are some of the questions companies should consider when approaching a new technology platform branding process:

1. Should the new technology platform come with a new product name?

Should a new technology platform be marketed and launched as a next-generation product? an upgrade to an existing product? or a new product altogether? Since most customers whether consumers or not will not read the manual but they will notice the new name, should we think of a new name for the product? Perhaps we should just send it as an upgrade to an existing product? This way people will maintain their familiar technological environment but with some adjustments. As we all know, upgrades usually come with a learning curve adjustment period that may take some getting used to. Perhaps a new name altogether. This will reflect on innovation and progress however will it alienate existing customers? Will it create more questions and start a comparison mode between old and new?

2. If you decide to name your product with a new name. What’s in a name?

When Apple launched its new iPad it simply called it “The New iPad”. While Mac keeps its name all the time regardless of any new developments. Should the name be a sequential name like “Galaxy 4” and “Galaxy 5” to show improvement yet familiarity? Or again a brand new name altogether? I suppose the answer lies in a deep research the company needs to do in order to assess the risk vs. the rewards gained by a name. How will this affect existing customers? Will it bring in new customers? Who are my customers?

3. We’ve made a decision regarding the product’s name. Are we ready for a launch?

No. There are many aspects to launching a new technology platform of a product. Do we have a single launch? Do we launch it separately for each market vertical? How do we launch it? Today’s marketing opportunities are endless and the market is saturated with launches and campaigns that overwhelm us. So how do we rise above all this marketing noise and actually reach our targeted audience? One way is by creating a brand visual language that will lead all marketing activities and create a recognizable visual. The brand language will include elements such as a tagline, marketing messages that will surface the company’s DNA.

…….And this is what we do at TitanBrandwise. Let us help you shine through and maximize your brand for you.