“Designed by Apple in California” photo book chronicles 20 years of Apple design

Designed by Apple in California

A new photo book telling the story of Design at Apple. Dedicated to Steve Jobs.

It’s an interesting move by Apple. I’m sure the book was in the works for a long time. Having said that i can’t but think that it comes to light in a very interesting point in time for Apple.

The company is heavily criticized for the design choices it made for the new MacBook Pro.

It will soon be OK. When Intel releases its new Kaby Lake CPUs en mass in 2017 the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar will make headlines again as the best laptop ever made.

Designed by Apple in California. Made with Love

It’s fascinating to see how many members from Apple’s design team appear in this video. Everyone gets their time. Not just Jony Ive. They are not the people behind closed doors anymore. They are people like you and me. They care deeply about details. Even for the things most of us don’t see with our eyes. But we feel them. These are the people who invent new tools and processes to create new technology. New products. Designed by Apple in California. Made with love.

As Intel said back in the day, they designed the first Xeon CPU to help them design their future products.

I wish i can meet Johny Ive and ask him two questions. One of them will be:

How do you -if you do- separate the design of the machines from the design of the products we feel with our senses?