Anchors to the Past

Stories of their city their constant beating heart.

It has been over a decade since I was last in Pakistan. What my memory recalls is not a city that many see as rife with hostilities. Rather, I recollect sensory souvenirs of Karachi and its people. Fond ones…of the Karachiites who opened their homes to me, the innumerable amount of lamb biryani they fed me during my stay and riding a camel that felt like I was sitting atop never-ending sea swells on Clifton Beach.

When I think of Karachi, I think of the earth.

For it is a megalopolis dressed in neutral tones, filled with low lying architectural treasures and inhabited by endearingly humble and steadfastly enduring people.

Old structures hold ghosts and stories, memories of pain and pleasure.

Touch a historic edifice, however ramshackled, and feel it breathe stories into you. Like touching a 1000 year old yew tree that has seen centuries pass by like seasons, a heritage building holds memories, is alive and is bound to send shivers of the past down your spine. It was our ancestor’s blood, sweat and tears that raised these sites from the ground. We need to honour the memory of buildings in their dotage and care for them as we would our elderly.



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Titania Veda

Titania Veda


scribe & communications designer, voracious knowledge gatherer & just your regular peripatetic gal