Didn’t think so.
Caitlin Johnstone

But he is right, there. Regardless of what Trump and his posse has done, expecting any investigation to be done honestly and create actionable knowledge is purely an exercise in futility. Republicans control the house, congress, and the executive atm, why would they peruse an investigation which could only damage their reputation? Recognizing government incompetence and self-interest among it’s members is hardly the same thing as admitting the Russia thing didn’t happen.

All that having been said, I’ve lost a massive amount of respect for republicans, as a whole, over this election and the recently following months. You see, it’s not actually the ‘Russian collusion’ that worries and scares me — it’s the blind faith other republicans have maintained over these issues. If we’re being honest, regardless of what has came out recently about the issues, there was certainly a point and time when the accusation was feasible. I didn’t hear a single republican voice speak out about this, not one did I hear pushing for this to be investigated further — not from the politicians, and not even from their public supporters. What this shows is that this group seems to place a higher value on their political party then they do on nation itself. It shows that, regardless of if Trump is under Putin’s thumb, many in the Republican party would be more than happy to support a candidate that was, just so long as he touted the party lines. For those who place democracy among their highest ideals, this is a huge ethical failing. Even the smallest hint of it’s undermining should always merit a full investigation with whatever resources it needs to be effective in uncovering the truth.

You elected a reality TV star to be POTAS, and not even a good one. We’re not that far off from President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. I know this is off topic but I just can’t get over it.

To my friends on the left, it’s way past time to stop looking at Russia as an enemy. It’s fine to be prepared for anything, but Nations are ultimately just groups of people and, like any other people, the Russian people are more worried about putting food on the table and trying to live a safe, peaceful life. The Cold War has been over for a long time now — it’s time to move on. It’s unacceptable to vilify an entire nation for political gains, if that’s what this Russia thing turns out to be then I have to say, I’m worried about where the left is going.

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