Titan Projects

Automatic swap function is enabled & the swap feature will be available for 3 months from 28.05.2021 to 27.08.2021. No request will be entertained after this period.(Balances of existing Web/Andriod/Ios users and the balance of all Exchanges are auto swapped. Only Old Windows/Mac/Linux wallet users needs to follow this process)

* Registration for web-wallet is mandatory to initiate swap of Titan Coin.

1. Register/ Login to web wallet
2. Generate Titan Coin (TTN) Address.
3. Deposit old Titan Coins to generated address.
4. Wait for 6 confirmations.
5. Press Swap button.
6. Your balance will be updated in new wallet.

Visit : https://titanprojects.co/



Dear Community Members,

We are going to reset the Titancoin Blockchain. We are facing a big theft crisis where last night many of our devices were stolen from our main office.

We request you to stop the block generation and wait for further communication.


Titan Projects Team