Final script of Edith’s story

1. House

Hello friend! Let’s start our journey today from where my own journey started in this world — my birth house. Do you notice the big brown house towards the north east? Here, 92 years ago on May 19th, 1929 I was born to Agatha and Christopher Smith, into a family of 7 siblings. My parents were World War 1 survivors, my father a carpenter and my mother nurse during the war, a regular working class family. I had a very happy childhood despite the aftermath of the war, where most of my days were spent…

While we had a really interesting time walking around the business district and residential parts of Regent square as a group, it was hard for us to identify problems or experiences for which we could create services. We were really inclined to carry forward our idea of sharing stories from the previous sprints, and wanted to see if the same idea could be expanded in the context of a city.

In order to gain a better insight into the life at Regent Square, we talked to three long term residents who talked about their experiences — good and bad. …

Weekly reflections for Interaction Design Studio 2

Week 1

For me, the project started out with a bang. We were introduced to the Microsoft Design Expo, which added a second layer of challenge and excitement to the studio project. The topic for the project, Design for Empathy, brings about a whole range of emotions. While at one end of the spectrum, I feel deeply about empathy and feel that is should be at the core of every single decision that we take in the world, on at the other hand, it scares me since the term, the emotion by itself is so subjective and hard to design for. Since…

For our final video, rather than just focusing on the Counselor Connect app, we decided to show the system as a whole.

The second half of the Aaina System

Using our learnings from our conversation with Elizabeth, we started to build the second half of our system which was the application that will be used by the in-person therapist. We envisioned this application to function as a platform which would take all of the data collected by the mobile application ‘Aaina’, and provide this collected data to the therapist for them to interpret, draw conclusions and prescribe prognosis.

Currently, how a patient-therapist system works is only conversation, which unfortunately is a more one-way flow of information than we’d like. Our idea of modifying this system was to change it…

In the final post for seminar 1, I try to navigate the process of designing for a product specifically in the digital world, weaving in my own experiences as a user experience designer at the Harvard Business School and Deloitte Digital.

As a UX designer working for a tech company under rigid deadlines, I have often been stuck between the dichotomy of the MVP versus a fully designed and user tested product. What is the sweet spot, how much should a design be fleshed out before it is released out into the world?

Let us start by understanding what an…

Prompt: What is interaction design? Have you changed your mind and if so, how? Or do you find that you still agree with what you wrote at the beginning of the semester? How would you define it and what do you think designers are thinking about when they think about interaction design?

It’s amazing to think that our first semester is almost over! 14 weeks in the blink of an eye. Through Seminar 1, we have read, learnt and discussed about topics that before coming here I would not have thought would even be part of design.

Here is what…

Seminar 1

Prompt: Try your hand at a brief speculative fiction or small critical design project about a near future object. Warning that it’s harder than it seems. Set your scene properly, think about the design language you use, and place it in a scene in time and space.

Tokyo. 3rd March, 2045

Worried about your child daydreaming through school? Fed up of the doodles on the edge of the notebooks, the falling grades, and the endless parent teacher meetings? Wish she could just pay more attention!?

We have a product just for you!! The new Night Cap X, a smart solution to all your problems.

Project 3: Data Visualization

Project brief:

We’ve all seen data visualizations — some of them effective; many of them simply pleasing graphics. We’re going to dive into the process of conceiving and designing visuals that communicate information in ways that are useful, usable, and desirable by crafting the form in ways that intuitively match the content of the piece.

Week 1

Reflection — 11/6/2018

Once we presented our videos from project 2, we jumped right into project 3. This project aims to teach us how to visualise complex interconnected data sets in a meaningful manner.

We started off by looking at different data sets available for the city of…

After reading through the script and researching conversation AI, we decided that there would be greater value in building a system that depicts the support and reactions of the counselor, rather than reflecting the emotions of the client. Through discussion, we felt this approach would feel most natural to the client by evoking the feeling of talking to a real person.

Based on this, we began exploring ‘humanistic’ forms and shapes for the visual of our counselor. Our explorations involved simple lines, shapes, and eyes to depict supportive gestures and counselor engagement in the course of the conversation. …

Tithi A Jasani

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