Chronicles of a naturalist

Most people join the natural hair community, not having a clue of what they are getting themselves into. The whole point of the “Afro” or the “natural hair” was to start a movement against discrimination based on hair types… I would write a post, later on about the “Afro movement as a rebellion” (this post would entail the “Afro” as a social revolution and the redefinition of the black woman in the 21st century). For now let us talk about my hair chronicles.

Cutting my hair was a huge step in my hair dairy, however this wasn’t the first time my hair had faced the scissors. I had cut my hair when I was about to get into secondary school, this wasn’t out of bad behavior, it was simply out misinterpretation of the school’s rules ( Holy Child College, Ikoyi, Lagos). All fees had been paid. I remember going to my new school with the driver to pick up my books and textbooks, and a new student like myself had looked at me and said “ wow, so this is how you will cut your long hair”. Trust me, I gave her the stare down of her life (lmao). Upon picking up my uniform, I noticed every other girl except me had their hair cut, at that point I got so scared…I didn’t want to cut my hair. Long story cut short- I wept, wailed, cried my eyeballs out the day my Grandma was cutting my hair. This happened sometime in September 2007.

Fast forward to February 2016, after 8 months of transitioning I finally had my big CHOP!!! My hair needed it, it needed to breathe. My hair had undergone the harsh life of relaxers and hair dryers- I dreaded the hair dryers. Although I was happy, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Only if someone had told me that the hairstyles I was about to explore would cause lots of hair breakage…

Present day- my hair is a year and seven months old. My hair has definitely seen lots of braids and other “protective hairstyles”- they are not protective, instead they are fashionable and trendy hairstyles that eats up your edges.

I’m glad that my hair went through all of these bad processes, because now I appreciate every single growth. I have learnt about my hair type, hair density, hair porosity and every other thing that I need to know about my hair. Products to use and what not to use (I’m grateful for YouTube). Today, I stand tall a proud owner of a 4C hair with a soft texture, curly pattern and a low porosity level…I don’t really understand much about density, so I would have to do more research on that.

With the new things I have learnt, I am on a journey, to love my hair. It might not be as long, as full as curly as I would have loved it to be, but I would love it every step of the way. I have just one goal for the month of September- To grow back my edges. Amidst the fact that a healthy hair is core priority, growing back my edges is very important to me.

In an attempt to achieve these goals, I have picked up a product (Virgin Hair Fertilizer)- not so fancy?? I know, but I have seen so many good reviews about this particular product and I’m ready to try it out. I have just gotten the product today- 5/9/2017 and I have started applying it to my hair. I would keep you posted about the results, however it will not be a review of the product. Let’s see what can happen in a month- I’m hopeful.

Till then, I want every naturalist to embrace her hair, irrespective of the hair color, texture, length, density, porosity and hair type. As the saying goes “God made them all beautiful”. Don’t ever forget that it is YOUR hair journey and not anyone’s hair journey. Explore and have fun with it, you don’t necessarily have to do what others are doing. It is YOUR hair for a reason. Don’t be ashamed of the length, make it into whatever style you want, but don’t forget that a healthy hair should come first in your list of priorities.

Hugs and Kisses