A colourful experiment…

25/26: An A-Z reflection on what I learned in 2017

26 days — 26 learnings: Part twenty-five of looking back & looking beyond.

My word for today is:


The power of colours is fascinating. Just looking on Unsplash for the best image for this article made me happy. Yellow is such an uplifting colour.

Optimistic, Full of Flair, Smelling like Spring, Sunflowers, and Lemon Cake.

Last year, I learned a bit about chakras. I had heard the term before but never went beyond that. I am by no means an expert now but I did learn a thing or two.

There are seven base chakras, which happens to be, my favorite number of all numbers :-) For every chakra, I created an image with the words that came to my mind while exploring that chakra. The labels are in Dutch, as that is my native tongue.

Going from bottom to top, the first chakra is red. It is the chakra of Security and Survival. Our foundation, our habits, and our self-acceptance. 
The words I chose are Tenderness, Passon, Sense, Sturdy, and Delight

The second chakra is orange. It is the chakra of Creativity.
Our feelings, our desires, our ability to create. 
The words I chose are Charisma, Savour, Gumption, Respect, and Ardent

The third chakra is yellow. Action and Balance
Willpower. Personal power and commitment. 
Here my words were: Sunny, Prosperity, Abundance, Reflection, and Bright

The fourth chakra is green. Love and Compassion
Awakening to spiritual awareness; forgiveness and service.
My words were: Soft, Open, Daring, Full and Emotion

The fifth chakra is light blue. Projective Power of the Word
Hearing and speaking the Truth. The Teacher.
Or in my words: Stream, Wisdom, Expression, Conceive, and Together

The sixth chakra is indigo. Intuition, Wisdom, and Identity
The union of opposites; understanding one’s purpose.
I came up with: Serenity, Depth, Connected, Strength, and Space

The seventh chakra is violet. Humility and Vastness
Transcendence. The Tenth Gate. The seat of the soul.

Or in my words: Life, Love, Cycle, Hope, Joy


There is one more chakra, the eight chakra, which is white, and stands for the aura and represents the sum of the other seven. Perhaps one day I’ll create a picture for that as well :-)

So what did all of this teach me? My 25th learning:

There is joy in colours, there is joy in creation, there is joy in exploring, there is so much joy in just being alive.

My takeaway for 2018: Every experiment is different and surfaces new thoughts and ideas, keep that variety. And on second thought, by now I’ve done so many experiments, it might be time to start thinking about tracking them in one way or another. Oh gosh, I haven’t even finished this project, and I’m already thinking of a new one…😊 Now it is not because I am bored, that’s for sure. 😎 But it would be somewhat of a pity to leave experiments undocumented?

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