Thank you so much Titia.
Mateja Klaric

I very much enjoyed reading the response from White Feather, especially the part about not being stingy. It fits well with your response in using the entire available range. Perhaps reading this may change my behavior. I surely don’t intend to be stingy at any time. For starters, I gave you 50 claps right back :-)

At the same time, there is this voice that tells me the clapping really is not that important. I very much appreciate posts from Zat Rana, if I am correct he’s a “one time clapper”, for the many replies he gets on his numerous posts. I think there is something to say as well for giving everyone an equal appreciation for taking the time to write a reply. Then again this might be specific to responses rather than the articles themselves.

No matter how you turn it, no number or statistic will ever have the same effect on a writer than a few words that actually connect one mind with another.

I once read that one-way communication is a bit like one-handed clapping. I found that quite telling. The music is in the dialogue.

So beyond the 50 claps, a warm thank you for not just writing on medium, but for actually seeking and enjoying the dialogue. For allowing words to warm your heart. Not everyone is capable of that…

Have a lovely Saturday ❤︎

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