The Curious Case of People Who Only Clap Once
Mateja Klaric

Mateja, I simply love how you’re getting people to join in on your journey through the human mind!

We all have so much in common and yet finding common measures can be more complex than it would seem. Even understanding our very own behavior is already challenging. I had to think for a minute how I clap. Usually, I clap 3 times. Why? No idea. It felt like a good number. Sometimes I clap 5 times, sometimes 7. Hardly ever any more than that.

Rather than worrying about the claps, I aim to respond to posts that I enjoyed reading. Even when it is just a few words or a thank you, to me that is not only more personal but it also makes me think about the words I’ve just read. What did they do to me? When I put in the effort to articulate my thoughts they get clearer. At least most of the time :-)

It is easy to get caught up in mindless reading, after all, there are tons of well-thought-out headlines that catch my attention and peak my curiosity here at Medium. But mindless reading isn’t satisfactory in the long run. Words need to be given time to ingest them.

So thank you for a good read and thank you for making me think.


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