The Most Important Question of Your Life
Zat Rana

Ok, Zat, you’ve done it again. I’m sitting here thinking. Thinking about what I worship.
I’ve heard and read those words from David Foster Wallace more than once. 
Every time I read either about him or from him, I’ve tried to picture and understand him as a person. A most intriguing personality, able to articulate things so profound and yet battling an emptiness — or whatever else inside, I can’t even begin to picture. 
Now you’ve combined his words with your story; with your very personal story. 
For which I’d like to thank you for sharing. In essence, it shows how we’re all human. With our flaws and our talents, our doubts and our limited but powerful, willpower. It also shows how we change over time if we let ourselves. 
And in all of that, you’ve still managed to end your article by throwing your readers a ball. 
I love how in your articles you aim to spark the mind.
Catch that ball. Think about it. Wake up. 
So what do I worship that I shouldn’t?
At first, I thought I could get away, with thinking of the things I worship that I should.
Kindness, gratitude, those things, I sincerely worship those.
But that’s the easy way out. What do I worship that I shouldn’t?
I could say chocolate, but that’s too shallow. 
I sit here and think come on; you are no saint. There must be something.
You just don’t want to see it.

Thoughts are passing through my mind like fire flashes. 
I’d love to follow them around and see where they lead me. 
And then BANG it hits me, and I realize THAT is precisely my flaw.
I worship chaos and intuition. One of my favorite slogans is:
“Time you’ve enjoyed wasting is not wasted.”
There may be nothing all that wrong with that. But I need to get my day started rather than following my chain of thoughts. Sometimes even things that are NOT a waste of time are still taking away time from other things that ought to get done.
Here the circle closes, and I think I ought to worship discipline just a little more :-)
Thank you for an enlightening hour. You’ve made me start my day with a smile.
Nothing better than that.

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