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Thanks, Marina :-) I’m still super happy with the choice I made. Usually, I’m a lot faster with making decisions but that specific one was a tough one in many ways. Applying the 10/10/10 Version hadn’t been of much help in my case as my A/B alternatives had so much in common, that the effects on a time scale might even equal out in the end.

I think the 10/10/10 works quite well in situations where there is a “stay or go” or a “do or do not” question. When it’s a “left or right road” question and both roads are little known, then I am not sure how helpful the rule can be applied.

The question to go abroad or not would be an easy one for me. In fact, I believe that we hardly ever regret saying yes to something after we have given it careful thought. It is the things that we don’t do, those that we let pass by, that we end up regretting.

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