Two tiny butterflies

& some White Hot Truth

Two tiny butterflies. Right above my head. In the blue sky. A few hours ago.

White butterflies. Dancing. Frolicking. Flirting.

And me? In awe.

Did you ever feel like you got a hint from the universe?
A feeling inside, you couldn’t quite name?

Yesterday, I started to listen to Danielle Laporte her new book White Hot Truth. I listened to it at the gym, on my walk to the supermarket and again later on, while baking muffins. A voice so soothing. A message so passioned, honest and clear. Words so precise and yet so all-embracing. Authenticity is something that can not be faked.

Her words are like triggers. To go on a trip, inside out.

This morning, her voice echoing in my ears and the butterflies swaying in the sky; two worlds came together - as if they merged - the words and the world.

Sometimes people say: They’re are just words. Words mean nothing.

Danielle says: Wisdom is Paradoxical. (I ❤︎ the final page of chapter three…)

I couldn’t agree more. Words can be just words & Words can have infinite power. The words you allow to enter into your world can make a tremendous difference.

My words for today:

Life is beautiful
Life is gratitude
Life is delicate
Life is like a butterfly
You, are, a butterfly

Spread your fragile wings
and fly

Thank you, Danielle, for your inspiration and your passion. Thank you for sharing your light and your words with the world. I’m glad I purchased your book.


If you agree, that words have power & that the world could use more positive affirmations, please feel free to spread the word and hit the little heart button. Thank you. ❤︎

P.S. I wasn’t fast enough to get my camera to capture those two tiny white butterflies. The best moments come as quickly as they vanish, and leave a lasting impression nonetheless. The picture above is from Ronny Overhate from Indonesia. Thank you, Ronny

P.P.S. If you’re curious about that final page of Chapter 3 of Danielle her book — here is what it says:

Wisdom is Paradoxical

Love yourself first and foremost & Include the world in your loving
Raise your standards & Be more flexible and accommodating
Forgive & don’t forget
Honour spiritual traditions & Be your own guru
Be open-hearted & Have clear strong boundaries
Be understanding & Don’t take any shit
Have a vision & Go with the flow
Trust & Do the work
Get real & Be idealistic
Be steadfast in your truth & Make all kinds of exceptions
Have strong preferences & Be easy to please
Lead with your heart & your head
Own your extraordinariness & your ordinariness

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