A fun and artsy side of Tokyo: Ikebukuro

Tokyo is an amazing city. All of its neighborhoods have a difference culture, atmosphere and history. It was my first time staying in Ikebukuro and i didn’t know what to do in this area of Tokyo.

It is always a good thing to never stay in the same places you’ve been before ;)

Ikebukuro is full of surprises. It is a little Akihabara, full of arcades and electronic shops, but a lot of fashion and gadget shops can also be found there. First, i really liked the Sunshine City mall, where you can find a lot of good places to eat, get entertained and good shopping places as well.

I particularly had a good time at the Pokemon Center — it was really crowded since i got there in the Pokemon GO madness ^^

The J-world, a rather small attraction park full of shonen JUMP’s manga characters, was also nice — even if you really need to like mangas (like Naruto, One Piece, Ao no exorcist …) and know the characters well if you wanna enjoy your time there, which is my case so good for me~

Meeting with the Team Rocket in the Pokemon Center(left and middle). The J-World — JUMP world — attraction park

After spending some time in the Sunshine mall — since it was raining on the outside — i ran into something called the Sky circus. As curious as ever, i decided to go at the top of the building to check what it was all about.

The inside of the “circus” is quite funny, with strange visual effects and a very cool observatory.

You can also find a lot of simulations there, quite funny and unique to experience — it is Japan after all.

My time spent there was worth it, even if had i have a little less time in Tokyo or if the weather was better this day, i’d have probably spent my time elsewhere ^^

Tokyo is so big that it takes a while to explore all of its neighborhoods !

⤐ If you want to know the precise locations of where the pictures were taken, you can find them on my Instagram account, where i gathered all of the shots i took during my journeys ;)

⤐ And here is the Youtube link of my last travels in Asia.

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