Living on Ewha Women’s University’s campus~

Ewha Women’s University is one of the best universities in Korea — and one of the best women’s universities in Asia. I have to say that at first, i was worried to study in an “women only” environment, since i’ve always been surrounded by guys in my life.

However, after a few days you don’t even see the difference anymore ! Indeed, a lot of men are to be seen on the campus and half of the exchange students are male students.

The first week was a little bit uncomfortable for some of my male friends, since sometimes they were the only man in the classroom, but they got used to it pretty quickly.

The Ewha campus is really beautiful. The main building was designed by a French architect and is very modern. The campus is quite big and it can take some time to go from one extremity to the other, fortunately all of my courses were in the same area.

Ewha is surrounded by nice shops and activities. However, you can see that you’re in a “Women only” environment since the majority of the shops near the campus are beauty shops or women fashion shops.

You also have a LOT of things to do in the Ewha area: theatres, norebang — karaoke — arcades and a huge choices of cafes and restaurants — including good places for Korean BBQ.

Something really popular in Korea — and quite cheap — is baseball.

⤐ If you want to know the precise locations of where the pictures were taken, you can find them on my Instagram account, where i gathered all of the shots i took during my journeys as well as daily life moments that i wanted to share ;)

⤐ And here is the Youtube link of my last travels in Asia.

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