The discovery of a little paradise in Asia: Jeju Island

Jeju island is not very well known among westerners, however almost everyone in Asia knows about it, since a a lot of Korean dramas were filmed there and it is a special destination for Chinese, Japanese and Korean tourists.

This little South Korean island is also full of really beautiful UNESCO sites and it is a must do if you are in this part of the world.

When you’re in Jeju, you also shouldn’t miss Udo Island, which is just next to Jeju and accessible via a ferry (10min ride)

Udo is a very tiny island where you can rent scooters or electric little cars (but you need an international driver license for that). The island has very beautiful colors and is a very relaxing place to stay for a few hours.

You just need to be careful about the ferry hours, but enjoying the sunset in Udo is very nice, after a day full of exploration of the amazing UNESCO sites of Jeju.

Between the stone columns of Jusangjeolli (on the left) and the Cheonjiyeon waterfalls (on the right), you really have a broad choice of different sites to discover.

Another surprising side of nature that you cannot see every day is the lava tubes in the north east of the Island. The Manjanggul caves were quite stunning, with a few people visiting and a kinda magical atmosphere.

Being underground, in this very humid and closed area, can be hard for some people but it was worth it. You have several caves in this area, some of them smaller — but Manjanggul cave is the most famous of them, with at its end a big stone pillar lightened with nice lights.

But one of the most famous places to go in Jeju is definitly Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, which looks like an old fortress. The view from the peak — which is not very high, around 180 meters high — is very nice.

If you’re lucky you will be able to see the diver women of Jeju Island. These old ajummas are quite something. They are around 60–70 and dive all day, looking for shells and seafood that they will sell afterwards.

Being in Jeju is also a good occasion to discover the local specialties, especially the seafood — which is not very expensive. All the dishes are of course coming with side dishes and kimchi :)

And finally, as a huge horse lover, i couldn’t go to Jeju without doind some horse riding. Korean people have a saying: “Send the men to Seoul and the horses to Jeju”. I think this sentence means everything, indeed you can find quite a lot of horses on the island, in fact it’s one of the only locations in Korea where you can really practice horse riding as a tourist.

When i went to Jeju, i was lucky enough to gt there during Spring and i was able to see quite a lot of foals ! These cuties were really funny.

The horses in Asia are usually small and i love that — since i’m quite small. So here i was, riding in the countryside for 2 hours, with a young Korean guide who couldn’t really speak english but enjoyed being able to ride “for real” for once — because the tourists who usually come to the ranch have never ridden of their entire life.

So if you stay in Korea for more than one week, Jeju is the place to be ! I have rarely seen so many wonders on such a tiny Island !

⤐ If you want to know the precise locations of where the pictures were taken, you can find them on my Instagram account, where i gathered all of the shots i took during my journeys ;)

⤐ And here is the Youtube link of my last travels in Asia.

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