Teenager Finds Political Context in Teenage Novel

Really deep.

13-year-old Sabrina Jeffries of small Chicago suburb Morris, Illinois found political subtext in the latest addition to a popular book series that seems to be very relevant to contemporary American issues. On Saturday, November 29th, Jeffries posted a paragraph long piece, accompanied by twelve photos relevant to the political issue, onto social networking website Tumblr, describing the various pieces of evidence for a larger political message within the recent New York Times best-selling sequel.

“I was reading the book, and thought to myself ‘there’s something very relevant to my surroundings in this book’. I mean, it’s a book about rich people and poor people, and that seems to connect with things going on in America,” Sabrina confided.

Each photo on her contribution piece to Tumblr showed pictures of wealthy and impoverished citizens sourced from a Pinterest profile Sabrina Jeffries has been tending to for the past three years. At first just a series of what clothes to buy (the list was named “Shopping List”) , the Pinterest account showed leanings toward what would ultimately lead to Jeffries’ latest post on Tumblr, with one list called “Thinking…”.

Sabrina continued. “There are a lot of deep things going on around the world, and I think this thing about poor people and rich people should be talked about much more often. It was only because of this book that I knew that the author was trying to speak to us about much more important things than just what perfume we should get or how to get popular in school. Things like poor people and rich people, or kids starving are much more important, and that’s what we should think of.”

Sabrina Jeffries continues to read popular book series and continue her exploration of Pinterest to find deep political subtext about things and stuff, and hopes her friends will join her on being very mature for their age. “You’d think that everyone my age would start thinking about this type of deep stuff, but when I look at my friends’ Tumblrs, especially Tiffany’s, I’m thinking that she doesn’t think about this stuff enough, maybe not even at all.”

Archived: 12/18/2014