Hanlon’s Razor

The other day I met a client on a whatsapp group who wanted documents drafted in the shortest period. I took up the challenge and she had her documents by the set deadline. However, the financials were missing as she had not included them in the initial proposal. We agreed I would work on them.

A few days after the agreed deadline the said client went to the whatsapp group we met and started tarnishing my name. Her claim being that I was messing her up yet she really needed the money from the job she had subcontracted to me. She talked a lot of smack which really pissed me off as she did not ask me why there was a delay.

I spoke to her and told her I wasn’t willing to complete the contract because of her reaction in the said group. I explained the reason behind my delay and I thought the issue was now resolved. A few minutes later she calls me complaining that canceling the contract is not the right way to treat a client. The proper way is to apologize and complete the contract. This situation was different she was the one who owed me an apology.

At times its usually a small misunderstanding that leads to someone not completing the task on time. You may not have been clear with your instructions or there is another underlying factor that has caused delay. Before over reacting do take time and find out the real reason.

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by neglect.”

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