Becoming a Corporate Karma Yogi: Why write a blog on this?

Why do I want to write any blog? No particular reason. My experience in writing is limited to the short essays I used to do for the college magazine. In fact the term “fillers” would probably do them more justice. So then why even bother with a blog? I guess because I need to express my thoughts to people beyond my immediate circle of friends — and take learning’s from all.

The journey that I want to start out on is to explore the concept of being a Karma-Yogi in my professional life — a Corporate Karma-yogi if you like. Essentially imbibing the concept of taking joy just in the act of work, without worrying about the end rewards or recognition. Exploring what does it take to approach work with a detachment to the success or failure of the endeavor; giving your 100% in your job without getting impacted by the environment or the people around you.

Well, to start off by giving a context, I have done fairly well in my professional life, and have grown in my career & won awards both big & small. To drive variety, I have worked across sectors, and in various roles. However, all roles quickly lose their charm. I typically tend to brood on the “great” problems that I am faced with, the difficulty of delivering results, lack of cooperation, etc. This emotional drama that plays out inside me is expressed externally through various forms — like being continuously tensed at work, a strong dislike in coming back from holidays, or groaning on Monday mornings! Honestly this level of internal drama is exhausting! Imagine watching a bad soap opera continuously, whose plot just doesn’t seem to move on!

I keep reading that the solution is to do what you love. Now, like most people, I really don’t know what is it that I will “love” doing — I have spent 14 years thinking about it, and have not found the answer. What I am starting to believe is that the answer to enjoying one’s professional life lies not in searching for that perfect role, or that perfect fit, but rather enjoying whatever it is one is doing at that point in time. Now, this is an attitude thing, and how does one change one’s attitude?

If I objectively analyze my daily work-life, I have felt moments of high satisfaction — whenever a project has been completed or on days where I have worked flat out to complete the long list of “to-do” on my plate. The satisfaction is highest when I am in the moment, not really thinking about the expected outcomes, the problems that are out there, or the amount of work that is pending.

This got me thinking about the philosophy of the Karma-Yogi — in a nutshell, a person who focuses on the action, without worrying about the success/ failure of the endeavor.

So, can I become a sort of Corporate Karma-yogi — taking joy in the act of work, without too much worry about the scale of project involved or the challenges facing me? I did a bit of google search, and this topic strangely did not come up — Wow — Something not in google! So I have decided to start this self-exploration. I really want to understand what defines a Karma-Yogi, and how can I apply those ideas to my work life.

I aim to research some material on a Karma-Yogi on a monthly basis, and try & apply those concepts to my work-life. I will keep sharing my progress and would love to hear back from you all, on what has worked for you.

Till the next post then!