The ultimate automated workflow to localize apps of any size

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Photo by Nareeta Martin on Unsplash, edited by Titus Decali

This is not your typical vue-i18n guide

It isn’t merely an installation how-to, it’s a tailored workflow crafted through many app localization projects that will make your app translation difficulties a thing of the past.

TLDR: For those wanting a quick start, or to simply copy my LanguageSwitcher component and i18n scripts into your own project, I’ve set up a Github repo that has everything laid out already. Download it here.

However, if you don’t read the article you’ll miss all the real automation secrets!

Launching in more regions means getting a wider audience to access your product in a way that’s more natural and inviting.

That sounds great, but the truth is that translating a web app is an extremely time consuming process. That is, until now.

With guides for each

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Photo by Jaredd Craig on Unsplash, Edited by Titus Decali

As experienced developers know, sometimes using another person’s package to solve a feature of your app ends up costing you more time than it saves. Opinionated systems and a lack of edge-case solutions often bury us in a hole that makes us regret ever installing it in the first place.

While I’ve also had this experience many times, there are a few packages that I rely on for many projects and that have proven highly useful over the long haul. …

1911 New York in color? Yes please!

An image may be worth 1000 words, but a color image has much more to say than one in black and white.

We’ve all seen archive footage of old city streets, taken from the early days of the film camera, but advancing technology in colorization is bringing these same films and images from our past into a whole new light.

Ever wanted to take “A Trip Through New York City in 1911”?

While the process has previously been done manually for specific images and film worth the investment, AI is now taking this process to a massive scale, letting anyone upload a black and white image or video and get a color version back within seconds. …

An example-based, quick reference for Vue.js beginners

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Photo by Vlad Tchompalov, edited by Titus Decali

Vue’s v-directives are amazing. While many developers might fall back on old habits, adding complex methods to solve UI features, combining just a few v-directives together can accomplish more within your app than you might think. While the Vue docs are useful, they don’t always tell you how to do exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to using v-directives. I hope this will shed a bit more light on how you can mix and match v-directives in your own projects.

When I first started learning Vue, I found myself repetitively searching for the same v-directive snippets over and over again on StackOverflow. Eventually, I gathered all these disparate notes together so that I would have a single, quick-reference guide. Once I had them organized, I looked back at them almost daily until they became second nature. Now, you too will have them nearby whenever you need a bit of extra help when implementing the UI for your next unicorn startup. …

Crucial realizations on how to launch faster

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Over the past year, I’ve launched a few products, each of which required between 3–6 months to go from ideation to launch. At the time, I thought this was moving fast and launching quickly. But after all that time invested, the total profit for all those projects is hovering just under the $500 mark.

While the time I invested grew my coding experience and knowledge, I wish I had done things differently and failed quicker.

This time around, I took a different approach.

I Started by First Building a Community

I have an idea of what kind of product I want to build, but I have no desire to commit to a single concept until my target audience says they really have a need for it. At this early stage, my goal is simply to build an audience and start a dialogue. …

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Photo by Charles via Unsplash

Everyone’s bucket list should include this experience

I’m going to try and explain how impactful the experience I had four years ago has been to my life. How it has forced me to analyze my insecurities, my perception of how I interact with others, and how it has changed the essence of my human experience and my interface with memory itself.

However, you will never truly understand how incredible and meaningful this experience is until you’ve tried it firsthand.

My girlfriend led me out of a subway station and onto a nondescript street in Seoul. …

Discover your product’s next artistic direction.

I have to confess… I’m an illustration junkie. Hours disappear when I’m swimming through the endless stream of talented artists that post online. The art form of illustration has become a mainstay of landing pages, getting more unique and colorful with each passing year. It provides customers a friendly introduction to brands and can become an essential component of all your customer-facing imagery. While there are now many repositories of free or low-cost illustrations available online, there is something to be said for the use of unique imagery that is designed to represent a single brand’s identity and message.

The stock photo styles of the 90’s have lost their appeal. Although we’re seeing a new era of stock image quality emerge on sites like Unsplash, it’s difficult for many brands to properly utilize those kinds of images to strong affect. …

How I made $1,200 in my first two months in the Partner Program

You’re not writing on Medium to be seen, you’re here to make money.

After much research, experimentation, and getting serious about this platform, what follows are the five factors I’ve found to be the most crucial in increasing my views and profit on Medium.

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My first two months on the Medium Partner Program

1. Minimize Effort, Maximize Performance

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Illustration by Titus Decali

Other writers will have you think that simply by writing every day, you’ll soon arrive at thousands of followers and Partner Program income that will make you second-guess your day job.

I strongly disagree.

I’ve seen hundreds of struggling profiles on Medium that produce quality work on a daily basis, and their average number of claps is still under 100. …

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by Erik Odiin via Unsplash

The teacher we need might be sitting right next to us

“A connection does not happen from the fact of knowing someone. It happens in the process of someone helping you know them.”
- Invisibilia Podcast

In 2006 I was one of 50 exchange students studying abroad in Tokyo International University. After completing our first semester of two abroad, we stretched out in pale blue couches that filled the student lounge and discussed our plans for winter break.

Everyone seemed excited about returning home to spend the holidays with family. Until they brought it up, I hadn’t had a single thought of what I’d do over the three month stretch.

Back at my host family’s house that evening, I sat on the tatami matt of my room and checked flight prices to the US. The more I searched, the more I realized I didn’t want to go back. I had flown halfway across the world to experience a different culture from my own, so why would I ever consider returning before the end of my experience? …

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Photo by John Noonan via Unsplash

Choose your principles before the world chooses them for you

When being told things we don’t want to hear, it’s important to be in the right mindset. Let’s set the mood:

OK, let’s begin.

You start that new job, attend your first college class, enter a new group of friends. This is where you belong, these are your people. This time, you’re going to embody the mask you wear. You’re going to become the mask. This time will be different than the last.

Months go by. You start to get comfortable in your surroundings. Someone sees you wiping a spilled drink off your crotch. You say the wrong thing to a girl at the Christmas party. A cupped hand to an ear and then a laugh in the corner.


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