The stats are not biased.
Eric Elliott

The stats are indeed biased, when you are telling facts from it that the attributes of those stats aren’t normalize. Those stats need to be normalized, that’s why I said to get “top software”, that is, people who “know” how to do software. You stats are biased just by the fact that, if you want to know what natural language is harder, for instance, you will get all the error in all English tests, Spanish test, Chinese test, etc. But you will get a wrong answer from it, because is a really bad sample. In the other hand, if you ask to Linguistics (people who really know about natural language), and make some form of “Pool”, then you will get a really good approach (it will be less biased, but the result will be more precise ).

and by evidence, is just experience work. It difficult to measure those things in stats. We can just talk about cases…

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