The Shocking Secret About Static Types
Eric Elliott

This post isn’t fair, the statistics by bugs that you show are biased. If you chose important projects like (Python: Django, Java: Apache, jQuery: Javascript, etc ). I bet that those result would be really different. The duck typing doesn’t compete with static type because statics type is more than a simple interface. When you use static type you save a lot of time by doing less test and debug. You gain software performance, you gain good programming practices, and a big etc. Is easy to see that, when you are developing using static type, the development process is slower at the beginning (because you are doing tests as well and static type is more restrictive ). Dynamic programming is good for small software, microservices. Because is faster to develop, a bad decision can be fixed easily. But that is all, people say that are easier to read, that depends on the language syntax not on typing. When we talk we talk about objects, not about abstract things that do abstract things. 
For see all the advantages (REAL ADVANTAGES ) see: Object-Oriented Software Construction by Bertrand Meyer. I think this topic should be for basic programming.