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Self-portrait, digital (2020)

How I (barely) feel productive during a pandemic

“The worst type of advice is parenting advice. So here’s mine.”

Last week, I attempted to dadsplain why I needed the computer to write an email and that my son could watch Blippi on the iPad. We got nowhere. There was crying, yelling, and name-calling — my two-year-old was pretty upset too. Through some shrewd negotiation tactics involving Goldfish crackers, I finally got back to work.

Sharing my workday with my family during this pandemic has been tough. In the beginning, I thought we’d all (eventually) get the hang of it. Half a year later, nothing feels further from the truth. Just when I think I’ve cracked how to parent and work at the same time, it all falls apart. The only consistency is inconsistency. Every day, I can bank on becoming distracted as soon as I get into a good productive rhythm, no matter how often I announce my plans, schedule my screen time or triple-check my 4-month-old’s diaper. …

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I read 19 books in 2019. Okay, technically I listened to 17 books and read two on my phone. I don’t remember the last time I actually picked up a physical book — am I pronouncing that right? BUH-kuh?

I finally finished a few design-specific resources that had been left on my virtual shelf way too long (Design Is a Job by Mike Monteiro and Run Studio Run by Eli Altman, among others), but for the most part I spent a lot of time learning about soft skills, leadership and prioritization. …

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Portfolios with the most consistency always stand out to me, so it makes sense that my favorite artists to work with are consistent. My least favorite… don’t know what they are.

I’m always looking for new vendors. I probably spend 2–3 hours a week scoping out new profiles on Dribbble or bookmarking portfolios I want to revisit. …


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