On dating men with “potential”

Finally I find it rude that you judge men based on their ability to accomplish something. ( a career/a good paycheck/providing for others).

You’d say I was being rude if I judged potential spouces just on their looks/weight or social standings.. I would never say a woman is a “girl” if she didn’t live up to a certain standard.

But that is exactly what you wrote.. a man isn’t a man if he doesn’t have x/y/z..if he is still working on potential then he’s what..a boy?

So would you label yourself a girl then for not living up to your potential and not writing for all those years?

You approach a relationship by sizing up a man by the size of his income. Perhaps this is the real reason your having problems with men. It’s not the size of one’s wallet that matters. And Women need to stop judging men in this sexist fashion.

And let’s be honest here…just because a man has a nice house/fancy car/a big bank account doesn’t mean he isn’t a drunk/druggie/total douche canoe…

Having wealthy doesn’t make you perfect or happy.

It really sounds like you had to take care of alot of people in your life and see a man as someone that should take care of you for a change.

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