My Glimpse towards Secret (the app)

As you know, there’s a new app (not literally new) published a year ago, and some people says it’s the competitor to whisper app, called secret. With its famous tagline “Be Yourself”, this app enables you to post anything — your feelings, things you’re doing right now, etc — with your IP address anonymous, so no one will know who post what. This is just my small opinion about the app.

A month ago my friends introduced me with the app, which I get interested at. You know it is cool that you can post your innermost feeling just about anything and no one knows about you. Without having the intention to post in the app, just want to know what everybody is posting about, I downloaded it, and immediately just scrolling and reading through what everybody writes about in my region (the app will display all the latest comments by people nearby your place).

(Beforehand, my friends who introduced me to this app had already told me that the comments are loaded with craps, no-brainers, teenagers-in-puberty, galau people)

And I couldn’t believe my eyes that what my friends have said is nothing but the truth. As I scroll through the app — which the interface is quite similiar to path’s, red and white — at noon, I can identify most of the comments were coming from teenagers (obviously since they write their age literally in their own comments). The comments itself mainly about searching for love, for an example where there is one girl who is confused why she haven’t got a boyfriend and practically she’s really stressed out about it. Which I assume is completely normal, but the way they write it is pretty cheesy and somewhat annoying using lots of Indonesian cheesy slang. And the most important thing, those type of comments dominated the app.

Not all the comments resolve around confused teenagers, but there are also a lot of comments about religion (which I don’t really want to talk about). At night, you’ll see more miserable things where people post their nude picture including dicks, breast, looking for sex, etc. Looking through this app got me thinking so this is the “true self” at my city, no wonder, the most of the media itself in here is pretty crap.

Beside those things, of course there will be a hint of light where other user who use this app who use it properly and for good, how they’re hoping to get accepted in the university they want and pleases their other anonymous user to send them prayers, the story of coming out teenagers, etc.

The app itself is pretty good as a vessel for people who don’t have anyone to talk to and use the app to share their emotion. I don’t hate the user nor should they stop commenting about such things, anyone can write anything and “be themselves”, but when I see those comments, my faith in these generations teenagers a bit torn.

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