Stop asking how are you? there are many other questions people want you to really really ask!

Ar. Titus Vargis
3 min readAug 1, 2023

The simple but profound way to giving meaning to the meaningless life on this planet.

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Hi,how are you? What’s your name?

Where have you been? This clothes look nice on you....bla...bla...bla....
How often we ask and hear these same kinds of questions.
We never seriously think the impact of the questions we ask.

Think for a moment, what if we asked different set of questions that show others more genuineness.

The more personal questions we ask the more others like us.

It shows you are really concerned. It shows they are valuable.It gives them self worth. It gives them a sense of connection.

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Think of the opportunity like passing of a train and stopping for a brief moment at the station. Would you ask someone in that train you came to meet mundane questions or more personal?

We all have our share of joys and sufferings. The brief moments we meet can be life changing.

We might be going through tough times of disease,grief stricken, loneliness, betrayal, financial loss, marital problems or other.

We are looking for our worth in others and world in general.

No matter what’s our position or class we are in search of meaning in life. We look for significance.

We can ask personal questions and give others their significance,their worth as a human being.

It takes no money to do that. Why not start by today. Start asking not about common questions.

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Start asking about their grief, financial crises,sick body,falling business, wayward children and so on.

Remember to not being judgmental.

Don’t try to seek what they are not comfortable with.

Let them do the talking. Ask about their dream. Their hobbies. Their experiences of life. The lessons they have learnt. Give them applause for their little achievement.

Show them you care for them. Just be there listening to what comes out from their heart.

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Believe me,if you have done this you have done a monumental thing in their life.
Let’s be the change makers.
Let’s save at least few by giving them their worth they are searching for.
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