Midterm Project (Metropolitan Museum)

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This is the Tahanan by Manuel Baldemor and I prefer this to be called Modern Bahay Kubo. Because it really look like the original one even though it is not the simple bahay kubo that we used to live. Bahay kubo is just small house that can fit normally 3 to 5 person. But in the painting, the Tahanan can fit maximum of 10 person. However, the girl in the picture seems to be lonely because I think that even though you have everything, you cannot find happiness if you are not with your loved ones.

This is the Bakas ng Nakaraan by Orlando Castillo. I think the painting let the viewers to think about how they have had ruined the environment. The painting want us to realize that we are destroying the animals’ habitats and prefer not to make a move on this.

South of Abacus by Manuel Rodriguez Sr. Before the technology colonized our lives, this was the firsy type of calculator that the people use to calculate money or taxes. It look likes a toy actually but this was really helpful.

Man and Woman by Marcelino Rodriguez. I actually didn’t know that this is a man and woman until I read the details. It is just a pattern of man and woman. I think it tells us that every human being in this world is just the same. Its just that the only differences of the man and women is the repdroductive system which only identify our gender.

Im not really fond of museum at all since it is hard to depict what the painting tells the audience. Museums should be an free because it is a museum after all. Its the artwork of our fellow Filipino. ‘Hindi dapat kinikitaan ng pera ang museo dahil parang nagnanakaw ka na rin ng pera sa mga mamamayan.’

2.THE PHILIPPINE CONTEMPORARY: To Scale The Past and Present

Venus, ____ Will Wear A Dress, Ang mananahi ng buhay at ang makinang na makina, Conversation with Bacon, Wondergaze

So, here are some pictures that I sneak to captured. Its really hard to take some photos of it because there are lots of cctv’s and you need to know where are the blind spots of it.

I actually like what I had captured in the Philippine Contemporary. These are just some of the nice artwork that really caught my eyes. I like this because its modern, fresh, and different. Especially the Wondergaze (5th pic). It gave me a headache when I saw this inside the museum. Because the longer you stare of the painting, the more headache you will have. There are some paintings and sculpture that were built for the blind people. Also, there is a sand that you step on and there you will create an art.

3. The Metropolitan museum exhibit modern art and paintings with fine strokes. And they change all of their exhibit depending on their contract to the artist. While National museum, for me, is for the old paintings such as the Spolarium. They exhibit the paintings of the national artist.

Even though I’m not fond of museums, I still appreciate every artwork of our artist. I enjoyed looking at their paintings and making me curious of their work. Also, there were few people who were visiting the museum because I think the reason of this is the exhibit changes monthly or yearly and the work is not related to our history.