After 6 years without Google Developer Days, they come back. I was never present at past Google Developer Days, I was only at Devfests, therefore I was excited that they come back. I have got a discounted ticket because I am part of GDG and it took place in Krakow which is not far from Prague.


The venue was great, there were nice decorations only for the event, like stickers on the stairs, branded bean bags, posters on the columns and huge flags. And you can see the Wawel Castle directly from the windows. …

I wanted to update my which was running on self-hosted Wordpress.

The first problem was that I forgot the admin password.
The second problem was that a version of my Wordpress was really not actual. But I hate the update possibilities (FTP). I found and it works like a charm. So my WP is now actual and hopefully secure.

Then I have realized that the styles for the page were edited by the hand (I hate you former myself!) and not by template overloading how it should be done. So the styles were gone after the template update. Of course, I have made a backup before updating, but that was the moment when I realized that this is not the best solution. …

Vit Listik

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