A Way To Find SEO Work Within 30 Seconds

Howdy Everyone,

Today, I would like to share a strategy that will help you to find seo client’s/work easily.

I know there are a lot of SEO’s finding work as freelancer or an agency. Everybody is running behind client’s for some extra work that could fulfill their requirement. So, without wasting your time, let me share the strategy —

Just write “Need SEO” in Google, same way as I have written. Click on “Tools” , then click on “Any Time” & then select the time (i.e - Past 24 hours).

Have a look on this screenshot -

Okay, so now you got it, still let me make it more clear. This way, google will filter the SERP results and show only those results which has mentioned “Need SEO” in the title and been asked in last 24 hours. By filtering the SERP results in Google, you can reach to those client who actually need SEO service rather than emailing in bulk to everybody.

And yes, you might see results of freelance portals like freelancer, upwork , etc but that does not matter, you can choose to those who asked for SEO service and ignore the rest results. Once you check all results of “past 24 hours”, you may filter the result again by clicking on “past week”.

So, keep finding, keep working and keep growing SEO’s.

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to share this with others.

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