SEO Clients — A Single Way To Close The Deal

Shubham Tiwari
Mar 22, 2017 · 3 min read

Howdy Everybody,

This is Shubham Tiwari, a digital marketing professional & growth hacker.

Today, we will chat about something very important that maximum SEO’s are facing these days. I won’t discuss about what is SEO and how to do it because I know if you are here on this blog, you must know SEO. Still, if you don’t know, just go thought this Beginners guide to seo by Moz and you will get to know everything about SEO.

So, let me come to the point, if you are selling SEO service and facing problem while closing the deal with client on your price, here I would like to share a single tip that will help you to close the deal. Before that, I want to highlight a few things that you must aware with. Clients, who need SEO service always ask for a discount and they must negotiate the price that we asked for. This is a problem that frustrating me so much when a client need whole world in just $5.

The bargaining problem has been created by some of those SEO’s who sell the service in just $49 or sometimes even less than that. So, let me share a very good tip to discuss the price with client and get the price what you need.

So, whenever you discuss about the your monthly fees for SEO service, don’t just send the package or price directly. In today’s generation, everybody need justification if they are paying you.So, if you show your client how much money they will gonna make by investing in SEO, that would be much better and chances would be high to close to deal in a big price.

Let me share an example -

Suppose, you are targeting some keywords that has around 50,000 Monthly search volume. Do calculate the amount by below provided method.

Numbers of Search (Per Monthly) — 50k

Av Google CTR (Click through Rate) — x 5%

Now, visits to website (Monthly) —2500

Avg. Conversion Rate — x 5%

Potential New Costumers —125

Av. Value of a Sale — $100 (Minimum)

Additional Sales Each Month — $12,500

Now, there will be no hesitation to ask a client to pay you minimum $3,000 per month because you will give more than 4x ROI (Minimum).

Note: This is just an example and calculated at minimum. You can target more keywords with more than 50k search volumes and client’s service/product value could be more than $100. So the price and ROI could be vary. Also, the CTR could be more, the conversation could be more, so there are more possibilities for you to charge more and give more ROI. I have shared the lowest rate as an example.

Apply this method and close more leads. I promise, this will increase the rate of closing deals on SEO clients for sure.

Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to share this with others.

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Shubham Tiwari

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A #Digital Marketing Consultant, Growth Hacker. #SEO Specialist, Motivational Speaker, Business Mind, Forward Thinker, Cricket Lover, Dreamer & Achiever :)

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