WhiteHat Jr Interview experience. Teacher recruitment reviews and process

WhiteHat Jr teacher recruitment process. Mistakes to avoid.

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I applied to WhiteHat Jr in August 2020 through an advertisement on Facebook. I was asked for my name, email id and phone number in the form. I got a call the next day. The guy wanted to know if I have a broadband connection and a laptop. A stable broadband connection is mandatory. They wouldn’t proceed until you say you have one. They ask you to test your internet connection on speedtest. Your ping should be less than 20 and upload and download speed should be at least 5mbps.

Next, the guy emailed me a link and asked me to open the link an hour later. Someone would walk me through their portal. I, along with 5 other candidates was shown how to navigate the portal.

My first demo interview round was scheduled four days later. Here an interviewer would act as the kid you have to teach. They share with you the document you have to prepare.

Here are the mistakes I made and you should take care not to repeat:

  1. Don’t hesitate in contacting them: The person on the phone told me he would share those documents the same day. Both the guys did not share those documents with me. My interview was scheduled at 10 in the morning. I started getting reminders from 8 am. I was nervous and then texted the guy second time to share those documents. The guy shared them immediately. I prepared whatever I could in two hours and gave the interview.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the coding interface and portal. You will have the link of the portal in the email. Open that. You can test the microphone and camera. The portal is compatible with Chrome browser only. That is the portal where you would have to teach. There would be no interviewer until the scheduled day and time. You can rehearse as many times you want to. I wasn’t aware of this until my second round.

My first round went pretty bad. They expect you to follow the document strictly. Each and every action and step as mentioned.

For ex: If the second step is to ask the student to stop the sharing their screen and miss to say that, the interviewer will point that in the feedback. All the minute details. The lesson here is: be thorough with the document.

I was promoted to the second round because I was a coder by profession. I was expressionless while teaching. The interviewer told me, that I did not smile at all. Since I was a coder, she asked me to do some extra activities which was not mentioned in the document. I was able to do that. In other areas I did not match their expectations.

For the second interview round I got a quite friendly interviewer. You will have to teach teenagers in this round. I had rescheduled my interview. The interviewer’s focus was on my speaking skills. Here my score was 52. He did not accept or reject me. He scheduled another demo round for me, after his working hours, to help me get onboard. The second round with the second interviewer was really nice. He was an engineer himself and had joined WhiteHat Jr two months ago. He helps candidates if they need a little push in his personal time. I scored 95 in that round.

The third interview round was a day later on Teacher’s Day. You will always have one day break between each interview rounds. This interviewer was unlike my first two interviewers; he was more like me. Who did not smile at all. First, he wanted me to coding everything I had to teach and a few additional activities. I was given 10 minutes to code. When he asked me to stop I had the code working.

Next, he told me on what parameters he would judge me. “Coding is a dry subject”, he said. “You have to make it interesting to the kids.”

He then asked me to continue with the session. In the middle, due to some technical issues, I was not audible to him. He asked me to refresh the page a couple of times. He paused the interview. He had to call his next candidate and ask them to wait. Then we resumed the session again.

In the end, he decided I was struggling with the code. The code was pretty easy and basic. I have no idea what went wrong here. He gave me list of points I missed. It was overwhelming.

“We can comprise with everything but coding”, he said.

“You can’t select me due to coding round?” I asked.

“No”, he said. “It is because of all the reasons I have mentioned. You can reapply after a few weeks. I am sure you will get selected”, he said.

And thus, it was decided I can’t be a teacher on Teacher’s day (pun intended).

Overall, the interview experience was pretty nice. The interviewers are quite friendly. They give you feedback at the end of each round. You email your query and they reply in couple of hours. They call and keep you updated if they are even a minute late. They value both, our time and theirs.

Key takeaways:

  1. Don’t hesitate to reschedule the interview. If you need time to prepare or for other reasons. You just have to reply to the email which says you have been selected for the next round.
  2. Follow each step in the document thoroughly.
  3. Coding is important. Do the all the activities asked. The languages required are JavaScript and Python.
  4. Smile. Expressions are equally important. They even have their demo videos on the portal. Watch them.
  5. Don’t be nervous and enjoy the session. Only then others will too.

Feel free to drop your queries in the comments below and do let me know how you liked the article.



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