Seplawan Cave. Amazing Adventure! Love Indonesia

Hello i’m so tired when i remember yesterday. But sometimes i can smile and happy when remember yesterday. yes, im and my friend go to Seplawan Cave. To seplawan cave we should follow extreme roads. Its like “rooler Coaster” the road is up and down. huu its so scary. And to seplawan cave we drive a truck. Its make better amazing trip than drive by car.

in seplawan cave it has 2 strip to enter in this cave. first is a tour strip and second is a nature strip. And we choose nature strip to be our adventure at the cave. I’m so so scary when entered in the nature strips. in this cave is some cave bat and it has muudy at the land.

we enjoy this cave at 2 hours. and then when we exit from seplawan cave. Jeng jeng our clothes is very dirty and we make some triper Laugh. Hiss -_____ — but its AMAZING. Love indonesiaaaa

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