Currently, Tixit’s default interface has plain text descriptions, but it would be nice to have rich text features like text formatting, links, and lists.

So recently, our intern George Yokoyama built a Tixit text editor plugin that renders and saves markdown using SimpleMDE. This plugin allows you to edit using markdown, but view the content as rendered HTML. Here’s how simple it is to use:

#1: The editor’s toolbar makes it easy to use even for those not familiar with markdown syntax. While editing markdown, the development space itself is styled according to how it will be rendered to make…

Do you want full control of your project management system? We just deployed a new version of Tixit that allows you to share plugins you upload with the world!

Tixit plugins allow anybody to create functionality and share it with the community. A plugin is a frontend component that runs directly in a user’s browser. This can be something as simple as a small button or checkbox, or it can be as large as a complete interface connecting to and interacting with another application. In fact, the check-boxes, text input areas, and list of sub-tickets are all plugins! …

We’ve been unsatisfied with the current state of SaaS project management software. We think humans can do better - deserve better!

So at Tixit, we’re building project management software for humans. We just released version 1.1 of our platform, so we’d like to introduce you! Presenting:

Tixit is project management software that is as customizable as it gets. Welcome to Tixit! We’ll be using this blog to explore how we can do better, and how Tixit’s fully customizable platform works.

Here’s what we know:

We know that companies are diverse, creative, and imperfect. No one seems to use the exact same flavor of Agile…


The extensible project management platform. We've just released version 1.1! If you're curious or have an opinion about PM software, get in touch!

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