She was afraid to shine.

It grew on her, that fear of outshining others. She was always careful not to sound too smart, just in case she appeared better than the others. Many a time she knew the right answer but still chose to be silent. She remained silent.

And when it came to dressing up, she never went all the way. “If I wear these shoes they’ll all stare..”what if I’m over-dressed ?” ..what if?? *What if* it never occured to her that a rose would still bloom, regardless of the rest of the flowers in the garden.

Her mind was a minefield and buried within were precious diamonds and stones. She kept it that way. Undiscovered deposits of significant value. “My dreams are too big, she told herself..I’ll opt for something else… It’s a great idea but’s simply way too big.


She somehow thought letting her light shine would blind the others. She just couldn’t do it. All this she did in the spirit of “humility “ However, she failed to realise that the truth behind that unreasonable mentality was her fear of what “they” would say. She was afraid that her stories wouldn’t be good enough, her ideas would be uninteresting or her outfit wouldn’t quite cut it. She was afraid.

And so, drawing the curtains and shutting the world out…she found comfort somewhere close to the shadows.

Photocreds: Odd Muchi