Negotiating prices is the death of your company. Also working for half the price kills your own company. I’m sure you know this. But you keep taking on people that don’t understand the value you bring.

I proposed a design strategy to an event company under my agency they negotiated prices down and it was hard to assemble a team that I had in mind, it made it difficult to create what we initially presented. They were still aware of the timelines however they downgraded their brand by negotiating down. Don’t get me wrong you can negotiate and offer the correct support. Also for me as an agency I could’ve easily said no. That experience for me taught me the kinds of clients I want to work with.

If you can’t pay or understand what I am offering, don’t negotiate. I don’t mind offering you alternatives. (People you can afford) hopefully. Being a creator and doing it full time can have its ups and downs this being one of them downs. Sometime we can see what other brands can transform to, but if those brands are so comfortable. We must not fuck with them. Working for something that has potential because it’s close to my heart, that I don’t mind. I will make it happen either than the fact that it’s easier to get my word taken seriously, clients who don’t negotiate my prices are the best clients. They just get it. Fuck with your level or don’t do it at all. Just make sure you’re not wasting your time with meaningless pursuits. This is a lesson I will never forget.