20 Minutes To Death

An accident video that I saw on the Internet, actually my friend at work called me to his desk and played me that video. A video which is like any other video that I watch whenever I surf through the Internet. A video involving blood, pain, death. This is not like my favorite category of video. I watch such videos like this along so many other videos. So it’s just typically not typical.

Though the video is like any other accident video that is normally watch, but is particular video has a very, which I personally feel, a strong influential story behind it. You ask me how I knew it... It’s because the very next day I saw that video being played on my TV the very next day, which doesn’t actually happen.

I turned up the volume of my TV only to know the story behind that road accident video..

To describe the road accident, a male at his early twenties was riding his bike to somewhere during the day on a national highway road. And out of the blue a goods carrier came beside him by the road. At the time he didn’t know that it is his Reaper. He seems to have riding well but the goods carrier was not.

Like a flash, everything happened so quick. Then some moment later the goods carrier did it’s job and fastened itself from the highway. What’s left on the road is just the young guy on the road in two halves, split from his gut down. His lower half was lying there on the road just above! His head, the two legs coiled with an impossible knot.

At this point he should have died or at least should have just his consciousness. But no.. He didn’t..

He lived for 20 minutes with his body split in halves

And that isn’t the reason I am writing this. It’s what he did with his 20 minutes of life.

An life’s event will flash through ones mind during his final minutes of life

But for this young person with his body halved in two pieces, having his mind working was just looking over his shoulder to see how other half of his body laying on a distant from his body and realized that he is not going to survive for sure, he just slammed his hand on the road with his right hand and places his left hand over his forehead and closes his eyes, and which one could notice that he is starting to let his thoughts run in his mind.

Though he is young for his age, he did have a life... Have a family for him.. A mother to love him and see him grow into a man and create a family of his own and bore children. And he is just laying there to die on the road with not even a pint of hope for his survival.

Adrenaline or not.. It was clearly visible that he in pain... A hell of a lot of pain. Both physical and mental. Well who wouldn’t be in that situation.

In all those final 20 minutes he somehow managed to gather his senses and called for someone from the roads. Everybody was terrified and traumatised at his condition. But one person did come to his call and stood there while the young male during his final minutes gathered enough energy to tell something to this guy near him.

He said and I quote “please make sure that you convey my final words that I want my organs to be donated to the people who could be used”

20 whole minutes... He was in excruciating pain and dilemma with a huge pile of regrets and such., he somehow managed to his Humane senses and asked for his organs to be donated.

He then died.. It was clearly not a peaceful death. He didn’t to silently. But he did go with the knowledge that he is leaving behind a chance for those who are in need by donating his organs.

And by that he left his life on this world and into the hearts of those who knew his story. And I am one of those few.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.