Marvel Comics Assignment

This assignment had to be the most fun assignment that I’ve had a chance to work on. Not only that but I had teammates that rocked big time! Being a girl that was so into comics books especially Marvel I knew I wanted to be on a team that was doing the Marvel API assignment. Especially since my goal is to work with an Animation or Film company. This was right up my alley! Plus, I had great teammates that had a lot of skills when it came down to Programming and since my biggest strength is design I knew it would be an awesome fit! Furthermore, I got a little bit of a better understanding of Javascript since I had to work between that and CSS frequently.

The team dynamics went very well, we almost worked around the clock on this assignment. As soon as we were given the challenge most of us kind of knew where our strongest points were. My weakest point is Javascript/React but design in my THANG! LOL. Luckily, I also have two guys on my team not only talented in Programming but also want to become teachers and are very patient with me and Lloyd. Brett and Chris worked on getting the API keys active for all of us, along with the help of Adam and Gabe. We started working on getting our links together and fixing our bugs. Then, all of our keys became inactive. So, we decided to go home…

Friday we stayed almost until 10PM together as a team. Brainstorming, understanding our strong suits and figuring out how to combine previous assignments along with this assignment. We brainstormed as a team on how the layout would be. I filled in the blanks with the design aspect researching things to add to the design. The guys were set on figuring out how to make our API key requests last longer and they succeeded! So we were able to finally get really working into our assignment.

On Saturday, I was the first to show up to TIY so I started finishing the design. Brett and Chris showed up to start fixing more bugs and figuring our how to add navigation buttons and an additional fighting game to our design. Since Lloyd wasn’t able to show up we decided as a team that he should design the buttons and help design the game page. So, Brett said he would meet with Lloyd that night.

Sunday (tonight), all of us got on slack and started working informally, like the perfectionists we are LOL. Fixing glitches, bugs, adding and fixing design elements we thrived on SLACK! I felt like we did everything like we were in class together. I’m proud of our project and I can’t wait to show everyone!

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