I think Redux will be a very useful tool in my toolkit. Even though I have yet to use it, I watched Wes Bos’ video about Redux and he made it seem very simple to use. The way he explained it using a photo gallery example “Reduxstagram”, I interpreted it as it’s like your own personal storage tool that will help you keep track of user interactions within your website continuously.

Apparently, it also has a redux hot-reloader which when coding is suppose to make it easier for the developer to use. That annoying time when you have to go through a number of actions in order to see your reset results will now be gone and will be seen live once you save your file. I kind of wished we used Redux in our last project just because of that.

When looking at other bloggers blog about Redux a few seemed very confused at the coding language. While others loved it as a new addition to their toolbox. I’m excited to see if I can code with it since Wes Bos made it seem so easy to use in his videos.

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