Boulton & Watt Introduces Tuesday Game Night

Remember the sweet taste of victory every time you beat your brother in Uno? Or crushed your sister in a game of Connect Four? You and your readers have the opportunity to relive those memories at Boulton & Watt’s new Game Night. Starting this Fall, every Tuesday night will be a test of wits and wills at Boulton & Watt Game Night.

Starting on Tuesday, October 2nd, Boulton & Watt will be hosting Tuesday Game Nights! Come for the laughs, stay for the Game Night Package, which includes a bucket of 6 cold beers, 6 buttermilk chicken sliders, and a side of fries for just $65!

Enjoy the delicious food and beverages while playing games like Jenga, Checkers, Monopoly, and more. Don’t see something you like? Feel free to BYOG (bring your own game)!

Boulton & Watt is located at 5 Avenue A and opens every Tuesday at 12pm.