Brooklyn-based Digital Artist Reimagines Celebrities As Superheroes

Tony Bowles
May 16, 2018 · 3 min read

Brooklyn-based digital artist Angel Manuel Lopez — better known by his moniker SonofaSaint — has turned a childhood love of comic books into a one-of-a-kind art career in which he creates distinctive superhero mashups — transforming both celebrities and consumers into famed comic book stars.

Lopez’s love of comics first stemmed from time spent bonding with his father, a truck driver who was always on the road, when he was a kid. Lopez’s father would bring back stacks of comic books collected during his many cross-country road trips, and in turn, Lopez would devour them instantly, always looking forward to his dad’s return home so the two could break down each new story.

Over the years, Lopez’s passion for the DC and Marvel Universes led to a full-fledged art career after he spent time perfecting his self-taught graphic design skill set. Drawing inspiration from his own emotional attachments to the superheroes that shaped his childhood, Lopez realized there was an entire audience of self-proclaimed ‘comic book geeks’ who identified with different caped crusaders. He began taking on commissions that transformed clients into their favorite superheroes, as well as

creating pieces that vividly depicted notable celebrities as various comic book fan favorites. Since he first started over a year ago, Lopez has turned Rosario Dawson into Daredevil, Jennifer Lopez into Catwoman, Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker, Cardi B as Red Lantern, and many more.

Lopez’s unique creations have earned him a cult following on social media, where his followers look forward to seeing his latest superhero mashups. Furthermore, Lopez has taken his designs national, showcasing them at various Comic Cons throughout the country, including New York Comic Con, the Great Philly Con and more.

Next up for the budding artist is the Puerto Rico Comic Con from May 18–20. Following PR Comic Con, Lopez will head to MEGACON in Orlando over Memorial Day Weekend.

Lopez encourages all his fans to follow their passion and pursue what makes them happy, and he credits his parents as the inspiration behind his work — they’re his own, personal superheroes.

To see his latest work and get updates on where to find him next, follow Lopez on Instagram at @the_sonofasaint.

Tony Bowles

Anthony Bowles is one of the youngest sought out journalists in the media world. He has had the privilege of interviewing today’s most well-known celebrities.

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