Tony Bowles
Sep 16, 2019 · 2 min read

JustCBD™, one of the industry leaders in premium hemp-derived CBD products, today announced their innovative, immune-boosting daily vitamin gummy, Jet Setter. Created in partnership with the multi-platinum international recording star and recording artist Flo-Rida, Jet Setter is now available for purchase.

Jet Setter is designed for the person constantly on the go, be it the international superstar boarding a private jet or the local subway commuter getting to and from work. Jet Setter is built to strengthen users immune system and boost their energy and wellness with a generous punch of daily vitamins including Vitamins A, B, C, and D and of course, hemp-derived CBD.

Jet Setter is the brainchild of Flo-Rida, Dr. George Tabi and JustCBD — which came about as they discussed how to innovate in the vitamin space to create a product that promotes a new kind of healthy lifestyle, that’s all about energy and focus.

From there, JustCBD’s team of health professionals collaborated with Flo-Rida and his nutrition team, including Dr. George Tabi, who collectively worked to formulate this innovative daily supplement, perfect for everyone on the move, from frequent air travel to power walkers around the park.

Flo-Rida added “As a performer — my body is my living — so I have to treat it right. Staying healthy and active is a must, so JustCBD and Dr. Tabi took my love for nutrition and health and the demands of a crazy travel schedule to create Jet Setter, which is a perfect companion to my Jet Set lifestyle.

Jet Setter comes in a tasty Orange Berry Blast flavor and is available for purchase now nationwide online at www.justcbdstore.com for the retail price of $49.99.

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