Low-Cal Organic Hydration Beverage HALO Sport Launches

Recently, HALO Sport launched, a premium, certified organic hydration beverage carving a completely new category within the beverage space. HALO no longer requires the difficult choice between taste, nutritional benefit, and calories.

Released online last week — soon to launch in select New York and Miami retailers and fitness studios — HALO features more electrolytes and flavor than enhanced waters; fewer calories and sugar than average performance drinks and coconut waters; and 100% organic ingredients compared to other sports drinks. Available in ‘Original Lemon and ‘Pink Grapefruit’ with only 10 calories and 2g of all-natural sugar, HALO results in a refreshing, efficient hydration for the everyday wellness warrior, not just professional athletes.

HALO is founded by two former JP Morgan colleagues who left Wall Street to pursue two opposite industries — wellness site Charlotte’s Bookcreator, Robin Shobin and BULLDOG Gin founder, Anshuman Vohra. The two noticed a void in the industry and combined their respective expertise to create the new product.