Rooster Essentials Officially Launches the Website and App for Their Fully Self Customizable Men’s Grooming Subscription Box

Tony Bowles
Aug 5 · 2 min read
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With nearly 200 Products from over 80 Brands, This is Something to Crow About

Have you ever banged your shampoo bottle in the shower trying to get the last bit out? Run out of shaving cream with only half your face covered? Only gotten one underarm covered with deodorant? Or squeezed as much as you could out of a tube of toothpaste?

With Rooster Essentials, running out of grooming and daily use hygiene products never has to happen again! For men who don’t like to think about shopping for products like deodorant and toothpaste — Rooster Essentials provides the perfect solution. The fully self-customizable men’s subscription box has officially gone live with their e-commerce website, mobile website and app (available for both android and ios users).

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Rooster Essentials allows customers to select the products they need, from shampoo, shaving cream, hair care and skin care products, deodorant and Q-Tips, to masks, condoms and lip balm. You decide how often you want product delivered (ie: you may want toothpaste and deodorant every month, but only need skin cream and hair gel every other month and Q-tips every few months) and you can choose to auto-pay month-to-month or pay for a year upfront.

Unlike other companies that send mystery boxes of samples, Rooster Essentials sends only what you order. With nearly 200 products from over 80 brands, from a $3 Suave shampoo to a $154 Oribe Gold Lust Restore & Repair, Rooster Essentials offers a product selection to meet the taste and budget of every man — or woman who gifts them a subscription.

The subscriptions are also great for college students (or their parents) who can’t be bothered remembering things like soap, toothpaste or deodorant, every month.

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“Our service makes it really easy by giving our customers what they want when they want it. We allow a simplified and fully customized shopping experience. In a matter of minutes you can set up your deliveries and forget about it,” said Rooster Essentials CEO, Matthew Reid. ”It’s a gift brought to your door each month. It’s a gift of time, a gift of convenience, a gift that’s okay to give yourself.”

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