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Apr 4, 2018 · 3 min read

Luxury French linen brand, Yves Delorme is proud to announce a partnership with international nonprofit ocean organization, The TerraMar Project. In honor of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection, which is entirely inspired by water, Yves Delorme will donate 10% of proceeds from sales on select Ocean-Inspired collection pieces for the full month of April to support ocean conservation and protection.

Yves Delorme’s Head of Design, Laurence Rouet was inspired to create a collection that conjures up the presence of water without it being visible. While the color white is imperative to the Yves Delorme world, Rouet also layered in a myriad of nautical hues for the SS18 season, including a fresh Aqua color, which is a new Classic introduction for the brand this season.

For the entire month of April, 10% of proceeds from sales on all Aqua-colored Yves Delorme Classic products, as well as pieces from the brand’s SS18 Neptune, Naiades and Ecume lines in all color options, will be donated to support TerraMar’s efforts to provide free marine education resources to the organization’s audience, and empower viewers with actions they can take to protect the health of the ocean.

To further support the cause and TerraMar’s mission to reduce impact on the marine environment, Yves Delorme has made a company wide commitment to reduce plastic-use in all international offices and in its supply chain environments. This includes identifying alternative options to the plastic and foam packaging used in shipping.

“Water has this incredible ability to make people feel genuinely happy, and connected with the pace of nature. But not only is the ocean aesthetically pleasing, we also depend on a healthy ocean for our future here on Planet Earth. The ocean gives us oxygen, necessary resources, and a stable climate among so much more. This is why we are working so hard to help organizations take steps in the right direction to reduce their use of plastics, which have become an epidemic problem in our world’s oceans.” — Brian Yurasits, Director of Development, The TerraMar Project.

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