25 Things You Should Know About Amazon Elastic File System
Aymen El Amri

I’m surprised — no reference to burst credits?

EFS should not be used for anything with high I/O unless it is also consuming a lot of space.

As an example: If you’re running a Prometheus server, which is constantly scraping metrics from sources and saving them, but then set to delete them after a period of time — you’ll have a ton of I/O coming in, but only using a certain amount of storage space.

This will drain your burst credits incredibly quickly! And will render the volume near-inoperable as the burst credits don’t restore fast if you don’t have space consuming the EFS.

The only solution to this would be to do the math in how many burst credits you need to generate; and then create a fake file to consume space so that you then can earn credits on that, while your I/O intensive application does it’s thing.

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