FROM A NEW TESTAMENT PERSPECTIVE. By all means use the Old Testament, but always through the lens of the New Covenant of grace — through the cross of Christ. Otherwise we are in danger of preaching law and condemnation rather than building people up.
30 Rules for the Hillsong Global Preaching & Teaching Team
Brian C. Houston

This sounds a little bit unsettling to me. It seems that we can very easily find grace in the Old Testament and find law and condemnation in the New. As a Wesleyan, I understand the importance of highlighting grace so I wonder if this point should focus more on finding the grace in the passage and less of reading it from a “New Testament Perspective.”

9. From a Grace Perspective
By all means, acknowledge the moral and ethical laws and condemnations in the Bible, but always keep an eye to where God’s grace comes through. Otherwise, we are in danger of tearing people down and creating legalism rather than building them up and showing them freedom.

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